Zvi Yehezkeli
Zvi YehezkeliYaakov Naumi/Flash90

Saudi Arabia is hoping that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will win another term in office, and succeed in weakening Iran, which has launched consistent attacks on Saudi Arabia throughout the past two weeks, reports said said.

Zvi Yehezkeli, who is News 13's Arab affairs analyst, told 103 FM Radio that "Iran is crushing the Saudis morning and evening. They are also conducting a military blitz on American facilities in Iraq, and all this at a time when the Americans are planning negotiations."

"Our neighborhood is beginning a new era and a new order," he added.

The Iranians, he said, are "humiliating the Biden administration, and he's not doing anything. The Iranians have two terror attacks against Israelis, five against Americans, and are crushing the Saudis. The Iranian blitz has begun, and this is how they are beginning the negotiations with the US."

"Something is cooking between Israel and Saudi Arabia right now, and I'm saying this from knowledge of a detail or two. I don't know what [it is]. Something strateic-security, with a diplomatic aspect, is happening, which aims to prepare for the huge storm called [US President Joe] Biden."

Recently, a source close to Saudi Arabia's royal family told i24NEWS that they are closely watching the upcoming Israeli elections, and hope that the composition of the government will not change. The source, who requested to remain anonymous, emphasized that Saudi Arabia knows and appreciates PM Netanyahu, and supports his policies in everything connected to ties with the Gulf states.