R' Luber
R' Luber צילום: Banner Media

"Cheder rebbis" aka Torah teachers: They are the educators of the next generation of the Jewish People, respected members of our communities, essential pieces in our system. As news of coronavirus deaths continue to make headlines however, a disturbing trend appears to be clear: Many have been taken young by COVID. Is it because so many of the Jewish world’s most beloved figures go into chinuch? Perhaps because the rebbis are exposed to such a high number of young children? It is impossible to know. What is not impossible, however, is seeing the tremendous loss that has come from so many Jewish educators leaving the world.


One melamed who made a massive impact on the community of Telzstone was Rabbi Yehoshua Lubar. “This very precious man was such a loving melamed. Everyone who learned with him as a rebbi loved him so much. He had a heart for all of Am Yisroel,” says Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi in a recent video.

Lubar recovered from COVID over 5 months ago, and unknowingly developed a blood clot during his illness. The rabbi collapsed during morning prayers last week, and died instantly at the age of 55. He left behind a devastated wife & 5 children.

Widow Mrs. Liba Lubar is now struggling with the logistics of how she will care for her family alone.

Those who are close to the family hope that after Rabbi Lubar’s many years of dedication to the future of the Jewish people and education, his family will be repaid after their tragic loss. In Yemima Mizrachi’s words, “Am Yisroel owes him.”