Popped tire (illustrative)
Popped tire (illustrative) iStock

Unknown vandals on Shabbat (between sundown Friday and nightfall Saturday -ed.) popped the tires of dozens of vehicles parked in a haredi neighborhood in the central city of Rehovot.

Among the vehicles vandalized were those of the Kretshnif Rebbe and his son, a member of the city council, Pinhas Hominer.

The tires of the vehicle belonging to Rehovot Mayor Rahamim Malul were also popped, along with those of dozens more vehicles in the haredi neighborhood.

Swastikas were scratched onto some of the vehicles.

"During Shabbat, the police received complaints of popped tires and damage to several vehicles which were parked on a street in the center of the city of Rehovot," a police statement read. "The incident is being investigated."

"We will not allow anyone to harm personal safety and property safety in such a way in our city," Malul said.

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