Yamina members visit Samaria
Yamina members visit Samaria spokesperson

Members of the Yamina faction arrived Thursday for a tour of isolated farms in Samaria and the Jordan Valley, led by Itai Zer, one of the leaders of the the young settlements movement.

Faction chairperson MK Ayelet Shaked, said: "I was happy to take a break from the campaign and receive a shot of motivation from the people of the greater and beautiful land of Israel. I met the Zionist pioneers and ideologues whose vision of building the country is their life."

"The residents of the young settlements adhere to their mission to settle the land, they are imbued with purpose, are here to stay and they deserve to live a normal life. If we succeed in forming a government one of the first government decisions will be the regulation of the young settlements. It takes courage and only Yamina has the courage to do it. We will restore trust to all settlers," she added.

MK Matan Kahana noted, "The settlers of Judea and Samaria are the pioneers of our time. I was moved today to see once again the great enterprise of settlement in Judea and Samaria. These pioneers are settling the land of our ancestors and physically preventing the Palestinians from taking over state lands."

The mayor of Sderot, Alon Davidi, who is running for the Knesset on the Yamina list, added, "I arrived this morning from the southern front to the front of the young settlements in Judea and Samaria, which is at the forefront of the struggle for Israel. In the next Knesset, I promise that we will do everything to regulate them."

Yamina candidate Amichai Shikli promised, "The Yamina party will fight to ensure the control of the State of Israel in the Jordan Valley and the mountains and will work to strengthen Jewish settlement in the area. We will not compromise on a state between Netanya and Highway 6."

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