A new campaign video released by the United Torah Judaism party is under fire for comparing Reform and Conservative converts to dogs.

The video, which took aim at the recent Supreme Court ruling requiring the state to recognize Reform and Conservative conversions performed in Israel, features pictures of dogs wearing Jewish religious articles, including kippas, prayer shawls, and phylacteries.

While the images of the dogs are on screen, the narrator of the video says “According to the Supreme Court, this is a Jew, and so is this. Of course, his grandmother was a rabbi, so obviously he’s Jewish!”

The video ends with the narrator saying: “Only United Torah Judaism will defend your Judaism, your children’s Judaism, and your grandchildren’s.”

“Before anything else, Jews! That is our greatness, that is our pride.”

Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid condemned the video, calling it ‘anti-Semitic’.

“My father told me once about a sign that was in the Parliament in Budapest which read: ‘No entry to Jews or dogs’. Anti-Semites throughout the ages have always compared Jews to dogs. Now, United Torah Judaism has joined them. It is disgusting.”

“The choice is either a government of Bibi, United Torah Judaism, and Ben-Gvir, or a sane government.”