Hodaya Monsango
Hodaya Monsango באדיבות המשפחה

The well-meaning young girl from Israel was travelling to Peru to help a family babysit their children while on vacation. Unbeknownst to Hodaya, the family had hidden illegal substances in her suitcase. When the authorities at the airport discovered what was hidden inside, Hodaya froze in complete horror: She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Then, the religious girl was aggressively hand-cuffed. Hodaya’s life was changed in an awful instant: The Peruvian authorities forced her behind bars without a trial.

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Months later conditions in prison have been harsh both mentally and physically on Hodaya, with rough inmates who are thirsty and willing to torment her. Thankfully, Jewish donors have rallied together and raised the funds needed to move her to less dangerous quarters. Hodaya is now out of imminent danger, but she is still in danger nonetheless, with harsh conditions that leave her and her family fearing for her very life and with a 25 year sentence for a crime she never committed.

But recently, Hodaya and her family have received miraculous news. The Peruvian government has spontaneously agreed to re-open her case. Very soon, if the legal funds will be raised in time, Hodaya will have the chance to buy a ticket to freedom.

Right now, Hodaya hovers between captivity and freedom. Between living and dying. Between 25 years of suffering or 25 years filled with renewal and hope. As she sits on the frigid floor in a dark windowless room, she is frightened and alone. She’s praying fiercely that her family will raise the precious funds needed to get her out. That they will pay the hefty legal fees and involve the necessary lawyers that will annul her horrifying 25 year sentence. That she will be granted the one thing that’s been on her mind, and that so many people take for granted every day: Freedom.

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