Coronavirus ward at Shaare Zedek
Coronavirus ward at Shaare ZedekYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Just 6% of seriously ill coronavirus patients are from the haredi sector, Professor Eran Segal tweeted. At the same time, he added, 50% of those seriously ill with coronavirus are from the Arab sector.

"Over the past week, the number of seriously ill coronavirus patients in the Arab sector rose 24%, and they currently represent 40% of new serious cases," he wrote.

According to Prof. Segal, the drop in the overall number of patients whose condition turned serious is 10% and continues to fall. Among haredim, there has been a 22% drop in the number of patients who became seriously ill.

"Just 6% of those coronavirus patients whose condition has now turned serious are from the haredi sector," he said.

"Analyzing the ages, the increase in the Arab sector has been mostly among young people. The percentage of Arab patients over 60 whose condition has turned serious dropped from 70% a month ago to 40%. On the other hand, the percentage of Arabs between the ages of 20-39 whose condition turned serious has risen from 5% a month ago to 20% today," he said.

Meanwhile, the general infection coefficient is 1, while that of the haredi community is 0.89, and in the Arab sector the infection coefficient is 1.16.

In the past week, haredim made up 9% of newly-diagnosed cases, while Arabs constitute 24% of new cases, and other sectors 52%.