Canada’s second-largest private television network has apologized and removed an episode of one of its shows on the heels of outrage sparked by its offensive and inaccurate depiction of Hasidic Jews.

As of Thursday morning, Episode 8 of Season 1 of Nurses was absent from Global TV’s website. NBC, which had acquired the rights to the series in the United States, had taken the same step the previous day.

The scene in question appeared on a February 9 episode of Nurses and featured a Hasidic Jewish patient who needed a bone graft from a deceased donor in order to treat a serious leg injury. The patient’s father then chimes in, "A goyim leg. From anyone. An Arab, a woman?"

The episode in question first aired in Canada on Feb. 24, 2020, but caused controversy when it was re-aired by NBC in the US, with Jewish groups across the US calling on NBC to take action.

"The portrayal of a Hasidic Jew making hateful remarks about ‘an Arab, a woman’ is gratuitous and inflammatory, and only validates longstanding anti-Semitic stereotypes. Additionally, the episode’s entire premise is wrong," Anti-Defamation League (ADL) CEO Jason Greenblatt told Fox News on Wednesday.

"Unfortunately, myths about Jewish religious beliefs and practices are far too commonplace, and this episode only serves to amplify such longstanding misperceptions about Jews. We have reached out to NBC executives and have requested that they pull the episode and review their standards for approving dramatic content so that this doesn’t happen in the future," his statement read.

Greenblatt added that in Jewish law, "anything that is potentially lifesaving or health-preserving is not only permitted but indeed mandated."

Global TV issued an apology to B'nai Brith Canada for the offensive episode. "We have issued a public statement to this effect and want to share with you that we take matters of this nature very seriously and deeply regret all inaccuracies related to religious beliefs as well as the negative portrayal of any religious community in our content, characters and storylines. We sincerely apologize to the Jewish community, our viewers and series fans, and are working to understand what transpired and ensure our research practices are exhaustive moving forward and lead only to well-informed storylines."

"We’ve also been in close contact with our broadcast partners at NBC and Corus (Global) to remedy this issue. Both broadcasters have confirmed they will no longer air this episode and it has been pulled off all their digital platforms. As mentioned, we have shared an official statement of apology with media in response to this issue."