Daycare center (illustrative)
Daycare center (illustrative) iStock

A tumult erupted Tuesday morning at the Lod District Court during a hearing on the four daycare assistants from Ramle accused of abusing children in their care.

According to News 13, the parents of the abused children fought with the assistants, yelling at one of them, "G-d should take you for what you did to our children."

The assistants are accused of over 200 counts of abuse recorded.

According to the indictment, over 200 instances of abuse were recorded on the security cameras, including shoving food into children's mouths, slamming them to the floor, throwing wipes at the children, slaps, pulling their arms, and more. The hearing was supposed to deal with their answer to the indictment, but during the hearing - which lasted only a few minutes - the Prosecutor's Office and defense teams reached an agreement with the assistants to delay the hearing until April 6.

Bat El Cohen, whose daughter suffered abuse in the daycare, told News 13, "This morning, for the first time, we met the embodiment of evil, after seven months during which we have dealt daily with the consequences of what she did to our children. These were seven months in which we have not slept, during which we have been taking care of our children as they sit at home with their families."

"There is no question that what we have held in for such a long time was expressed this morning in court, and we very much hope that this case will begin to be handled properly, instead of being pushed off again and again.

"We demand that the court deal justice to Orly Shargani, whop proved that she is above the law and chose not to come today to deal with what she has done, embarrassing the court."