soldiers at Syrian border
soldiers at Syrian border Basel Awidat, Flash 90

The IDF presented on Monday evening the investigation into the border crossing incident of the young Israeli woman who was returned from Syria this weekend.

The army stated that the young woman touched an electronic fence that alerted the forces stationed on the Syrian border, but the soldiers did not manage to arrive on time and prevent her from crossing the border.

The investigation showed that the young woman came to the Majdal Shams area to cross the border and it was obvious that she knew the place well and had toured it in the past. She crossed a goat trail on Mount Hermon and reached an old fence on the mountain in a place that was not covered by IDF radar.

Towards midnight she climbed the fence and entered Syria, with no one observing her progress .

The interrogation, which was presented to the commander of the Northern Command, Major General Amir Baram, determined that there was no way to stop the young woman when she crossed the border. It was decided not to take disciplinary measures against any soldiers but only to significantly strengthen the security components in the area to prevent any recurrences.