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The BBC has retracted a claim that Israel is obligated to provide coronavirus vaccines to the residents of the Palestinian Authority under the Oslo Accords the Jewish Chronicle reported.

On January 16, presenter Shaun Ley said that "the Oslo Accords are very clear that in a crisis, healthcare is ultimately the responsibility of the Israeli government," implying that the responsibility for vaccinating the Palestinian Arabs against the coronavirus rested with Israel alone.

Following a complaint over the segment, the BBC released a statement this week admitting that Ley was incorrect in his assessment.

The statement read: “We suggested that under the Oslo Accords, Palestinian healthcare is ultimately the responsibility of the Israeli government."

“Although there is a wider dispute over the issue, the Accords, which Israel signed with the Palestine Liberation Organization, give the Palestine Authority oversight of public health under the principles of self-determination,” the statement added.

Accusations that Israel is excluding the Palestinian Arabs from receiving the coronavirus vaccine have surfaced in recent months in what many have called a "blood libel" against the Jewish State whose purpose to distract from the success of Israel's mass-vaccination campaign and shift all blame for Palestinian Authority's handling of the coronavirus crisis to Israel.

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