Route 6
Route 6 Flash 90

A request by Honenu attorney Haim Bleicher, submitted under the Freedom of Information Law, showed that in 2020 alone, 110 incidents of rock-throwing were reported on Route 6, a central north-south highway in Israel.

In 2019, 103 rock-throwing incidents occurring along Route 6 were reported to Israel Police, down from 163 along the same highway in 2018.

Additional data provided by the police show that along Route 65, also knows as the "Wadi Ara road," there have been 28 incidents of stone-throwing in 2020.

In 2019, 23 stone-throwing incidents were reported to the police, while in 2018, 28 stone-throwing incidents were reported.

"The police response confirms the public's feeling that there is terror on the most central roads in Israel," Bleicher said. "Unfortunately, it seems that not enough is done to stop this terror, which is mostly perpetrated by people who hold Israeli citizenship. In addition, the police prevent many victims of rock terror from receiving confirmation that the damage is because they are terror victims, which again proves how lightly they take these serious incidents and the motives behind them."

Last month, Kan News reported that a total of 3,951 rock attacks were carried out by Muslim terrorists on Israel's roads, but just 218 indictments were filed.