Protest by residents of Kumi Ori
Protest by residents of Kumi Ori Kumi Ori

Right-wing Knesset members this evening (Thursday) wrote a letter to Central Command General Tamir Yedai, demanding that he refrain from extending the closed military area order in Givat Kumi Ori, which is due to end next Saturday.

The letter is signed by Coalition Chairman Miki Zohar, and MKs Shlomo Karhi, Ariel KAllner, Amit Halevi and Shevach Stern of the Likud faction, and MKs Meir Porush and Yitzhak Pindros of Torah Judaism.

"This coming Saturday night, the closed military area order imposed by you on Kumi Ori near Yitzhar is due to end," the MKs wrote.

In their letter, the MKs attacked the order imposed on the hillside settlement as excessive: "This is collective punishment against families and citizens suspected of no crime.The charges against them are exclusively that they live in a place where conflicts have taken place in the past."

"We hope that this coming Saturday will end a long period of suffering for the besieged residents of the hill, and the families of the place will be able to breathe a sigh of relief and return to their routines," the Knesset members signed.