The stolen car
The stolen carPolice Spokesman

New details that were allowed to be published about the break-in at the Nevatim base last night reveal that the vehicle in which a Bedouin was traveling breached the base at a speed of 100 km/h and entered a gate that opened half a minute before the intrusion and did not close.

The Air Force activated the GSS during the manhunt in an attempt to locate the suspect's cell phone.

The incident began around 7pm in a report to police about the theft of a car from Dimona. The officers, who located the car near the Nevatim base, chased after the thief who spotted them and managed to escape into the base gate that was open, after another vehicle had exited.

The investigation of the incident shows that when the car thief tried to enter the base, he accelerated the car to a speed of about 100 km/h, mounted on spikes that punctured all the tires of the vehicle.

When he realized what was happening, the thief began to flee the scene. A policemen who stopped his car in front of the spikes began to chase after him.

The investigation also shows that at this stage, the security forces of the base were added to the chase, which began by running towards the strategic assets located there - a distance of about 30 minutes.

It is estimated that the car thief managed to enter a depth of about 150 meters in the base area, climbed a high fence and managed to escape, and it seems that he stayed within the base for only a few minutes.

The Air Force even called the GSS, which tried to track down the car thief and used additional means during the chase.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz commented on the incident and said, "We will investigate the case concretely and continue with base security and with the Israel Police; we must act against the phenomenon of lack of governance and burglary."