Thousands tonight escorted a funeral in Tamra after two young Arabs were killed last night by Israeli police.

The two were killed by police fire in Tamra in the Lower Galilee. The police spotted four suspects firing at a house in the city and when they tried to arrest them, they opened fire at the police. Police forces responded with fire, killing two suspects and injuring two others.

It was initially alleged that the dead were among those who fired at the police officers, but it later emerged that one of the dead and one wounded were not involved in the incident.

One killed and one wounded are known to police. Another killed is a student who was not involved in the incident and another injured is a doctor who was with him.

The two wounded were arrested by the police and evacuated to Rambam Hospital in Haifa for treatment. Two M16 weapons with which the shooting took place were also seized at the scene.

The Department of Police Investigations at the State Attorney's Office opened an investigation into the incident tonight. "Immediately after the incident, DIP investigators arrived at the scene, the police officers involved are being investigated at this time."

The police statement said that "Police officers who were in operational activity in the city of Tamra noticed the suspects firing at a house, the police officers tried to arrest the suspects and they opened fire at them with automatic weapons.

"The police returned fire and hit 2 suspects, one was killed and two were injured, at least one suspect fled the scene. Two other civilians were injured during the exchange of fire, one of whom was killed. Two M16 rifles with which the suspects carried out the shooting were seized on the spot. A manhunt is underway for the other suspects in the shooting."