Central Bus Station
Central Bus Station Yair Dan

While the current lockdown regulations require bus and train companies to limit bus occupancy to 50% in an attempt to reduce COVID infections in the country, allowing only those leaving their homes for vital purposes to use the public transportation system, a short stroll through the central bus station in Jerusalem and its adjoining alleys proves what many may already suspect: The lockdown exists on paper only. Plenty of individuals without any pressing health concerns freely roam city streets and travel by public transport.

Hundreds of passengers can be seen waiting in lines at the central bus station, located around the corner from the nation's Ministry of Health. People await their bus sometimes within hand's reach of one another, keen on being first in line to get onboard.

Long lines can be seen outside the station as well, with city residents waiting to board their buses and Light Rail rides. City officials enforcing lockdown directives by enforcing passenger limitations are nowhere to be seen.

Light Rail Station
Light Rail Station Yair Dan

Jerusalem City Councilman and CEO of "Our Interest - Your Lobby in the Knesset," Elad Malka, says "You can't have restrictions on the number of passengers using public transportation without increasing transportation services. About 2,500 drivers in the transportation and tourism sectors are out of work and unable to integrate into the existing system because the law prohibits them from doing so."

Malka calls on policy-makers to "cancel the public transportation occupancy limit, allow drivers to return to work as normal, and ensure passengers maintain health standards."