Moshe Feiglin
Moshe Feiglin Flash90

Former Knesset member and chairman of the Zehut Party, Moshe Feiglin, said he hopes "Ben-Gvir gets in while Smotrich fails in his Knesset bid."

"So Smotrich isn't interested in running with Ben-Gvir," he asked via his Facebook page. "You need an electronic microscope to find the ideological difference between the two."

"His worship for Gantz is no different from his disdain towards Ben-Gvir," he added. "There is nothing new in religious Zionism."

"I just feel like running with Ben-Gvir, [famous right-wing rapper] "The Shadow", and an uncultured Haredi to top it off - and sticking a needle in these stuck-up religious Zionists' balloon."

"Don't worry - I'm not about to actually do it," he promised." "Not this time. Politics are no laughing matter. Nowadays, they're don't really matter in general. I do hope Ben-Gvir gets in while Smotrich is left out," he quipped.