Archive: Bahraini and Israeli Foreign Ministers
Archive: Bahraini and Israeli Foreign MinistersMiri Shimonovich, MFA

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain, Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani participated in the online INSS 2021 conference which took place today (Tuesday).

"We are moving beyond just establishing diplomatic relations", he noted, "to rapidly deliver tangible benefits for all sides. For Bahrain, Abraham Accords represent natural progression of our longstanding culture of openness, tolerance, and dialogue".

"We can be a beacon for others", Al Zayani added, "showing what can be achieved with good faith and good will on all sides. I am confident this process of broadening and deepening cooperation will continue".

"Delivering on the agreements will be important", he added, "but I am optimistic that words are being translated into practice. My hope is that the process will start to generate its own momentum and a web of genuine cooperation will spread across the MIddle East".

Al Zayani related to the Palestinian issue and stated: "I hope this momentum will also be translated into renewed progress toward resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the basis on a 2-state solution".

The Foreign Minister related to the new administration in the US and said: "If we approach Washington with a unified voice, we will be more successful in expressing our concerns and views – one more positive outcome of the Abraham Accords".