demolition of terrorist's home
demolition of terrorist's home IDF Spokesperson

Supreme Court Justice Daphne Barak-Erez issued an interim injunction Thursday halting the demolition of the home of the terrorist who murdered Esther Horgan last month.

The IDF planned to demolish the terrorist's house tonight, and the judge issued a temporary order to delay the demolition of the house until a hearing and decision in a petition filed by the terrorist's family with the help of the far - left organization HaMoked.

Shai Glick, the director of the B'Tsalmo organization which represents the Horgan family, responded: "The Supreme Court repeatedly attacks the war on terror. Any delay in the destruction of the terrorist's house means one thing - a reward for terrorism and an invitation to commit the next murder."

מיפוי ביתו של החשוד ברצח אסתר הורגן הי"ד דובר צה"ל

The Im Tirzu movement attacked the court following the delay in the demolition of the terrorist's house: "The State of Israel must adopt a policy of a war on terror based on effective deterrence. A potential terrorist must take into account that his home will be completely destroyed, his nuclear family deported to Gaza and his assets nationalized."

''These measures must be taken against terrorists and the sooner the better. The interim decision of the Supreme Court once again undermines Israel's efforts in the war on terror. It is time for legal terrorism to stop as well," the movement added.

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