A group of parents and children from throughout the country tomorrow will continue its series of protests against what they call the "damage" caused by government COVID-19 lockdown policy.

Led by lecturer and Health Ministry certified therapist Reut Shlomi Ressler, the group will meet on Friday at Habima Square in Tel Aviv, where they will start by making signs and posters at 10am, after which they will march down Rothschild Boulevard and hold an assembly. The protest will be held in coordination with the Israel Police.

At last weeks protest, Ressler addressed the crowd and said: "We left our houses today to demonstrate for all those girls and boys, teens, adults, and seniors who are isolated and shut off, sitting in their house, in their room for almost a whole year, without human interaction that allows for mental and physical health."

She continued: "We are here for all those suffering from violence, depression, anxiety, and psychotic seizures.

"We are here for all COVID-19 patients who need proper care and a strong and invested health system.

"We are here for ourselves, for those of us who have felt in the past year that the State of Israel has no responsible and loving mother and father.

"I personally feel that those who are in power over us are beating us over and over again, and we, because of the horror and confusion, suffer and remain silent, sitting closed in houses, cowed, paralyzed by fear, and with no responsible adult to come, hug us tight and tell us: 'Everything's fine, it will pass and it will be fine.'

"No more. No more.

"We're here because we know there's another way to deal with patients and the crisis. Because we know that there are senior doctors and scientists in the State of Israel who have been presenting and proposing for a long time humane and better ways of dealing with the COVID-19 crisis - and none of the decision makers is willing to hear them.

"According to those experts, there's no epidemiological justification for this lockdown, nor for the previous lockdowns. Lockdown doesn't prevent disease but postpones it and even increases it! The reality this year proves this claim over and over again.

"We are here because we know that awareness of health, movement, nutrition, breathing, relaxation, and human interaction that includes closeness and intimacy - this awareness prevents illness and creates complete and solid health over time.

"We're here because we know that if they had invested all the billions they invested in testing and lockdowns - if they had invested that money in opening wards in hospitals and manpower - no hospital would have collapsed and no elderly woman would have been relegated to the hospital corridor, not this winter and not in the ones to come.

"We're here because we understand that if we don't demand that they stop abusing us with lockdowns, isolation, restricting freedom of movement, forcing medical procedures, policing, and fines, intimidation, and creating unjustified panic - they probably will never stop abusing us."

Organizers of tomorrow's protest say "Zoom-based learning is not a solution and not an alternative."

"Save us from depression, screen addiction, destructive boredom, and mental health issues."

They demand an immediate return to school, "because Zoom-learning is not a way to live, and human interaction is critical for our physical and psychological health. We will all return to school, without decrees or conditions. We demand quality face-to-face teaching for all ages without exception."

Parent's protest at Knesset
Parent's protest at Knesset Ezra Gilbert
Parents' protest march
Parents' protest march Shmuel Kramer
Parent's protest at Knesset
Parent's protest at Knesset Ezra Gilbert