Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn Reuters

Jeremy Corbyn, the former leader of Britain’s Labour Party, will next week begin his High Court attempt to overturn his suspension from the party, The Jewish Chronicle reported on Wednesday.

A pre-action application hearing is scheduled to take place on Monday afternoon, according to the report.

Lawyers for the former leader are expected to ask the judge to grant the disclosure of evidence relating to the decision to suspend the former leader following his response to the damning report into anti-Semitism in Labour published last October.

The lawyers are expected to ask to see evidence of the negotiations within current Labour leader Keir Starmer’s office ahead of the decision to suspend him.

Corbyn was suspended from Labour following the publication of a report compiled by the Equality and Human Rights Commission which found numerous cases where the party leadership under Corbyn underplayed, belittled or ignored complaints by Jewish members, and sometimes actively interfered to support political allies.

Corbyn was reinstated to Labour after appearing to apologize for belittling the report, but Starmer said he would deny Corbyn the party whip even after he was reinstated as a party member.

The former Labour leader had faced ongoing accusations of anti-Semitism, both over his history of hostility towards Israel and support for anti-Israel terrorist groups, as well as the rise in anti-Jewish rhetoric within the party.

Dozens of Labour members have been suspended over their anti-Semitic statements in recent years, while the party has been criticized for its failure to deal with the anti-Semitism within it.

In the British parliamentary election last December, Labour recorded its worst performance, in terms of seats, since 1935.

Starmer, who became party leader in April after Corbyn stepped down, apologized shortly after being elected for how the Labour Party has handled anti-Semitism within its ranks and committed to making change.

He later committed to setting up an independent complaints process for anti-Semitism in the party, saying it is “very important to me to seek to address the disgrace of anti-Semitism in our party as soon as possible.”