Netanyahu in Nazareth
Netanyahu in Nazareth GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu delivered an address in Nazareth Wednesday afternoon. At the beginning of his remarks, the prime minister apologized for comments he made in the 2015 national election in which he warned that Arab citizens were "flocking to the polls in droves."

"Political elements distorted my words. I meant to say that they are flocking to vote for the Joint List. I apologized for my words were not properly understood and I do so again," Netanyahu said.

He added: "I have invested more in the Arab sector than all Israeli governments combined in the entire history of the country. We are working to ensure your personal security. From 2016 until today, we have established nine police stations and there will be three more police stations. Before that, for decades, there was a only one police station in an Arab locality. We will open more police stations. There is much more to do to make you feel safe and at peace in your localities, I am personally committed to ensuring the personal security of each and every one of you. I want you to leave home without fear just like the residents of Be'er Sheva or Hadera."

The Prime Minister said, "I asked the Internal Security Minister Amir Ohana to prepare a plan for eradicating crime and violence in Arab society, which includes a fierce war against criminal organizations. We'll get it done."

Netanyahu added, "I agreed with Interior Minister Deri and Finance Minister Katz on the recommendation of Federation of Local Authorities chairman Haim Bibas, to allow any mayor who wishes to do so to take development budgets and allocate everything needed for personal security. We will succeed. You already know me - when I put on my business suit for something I get it, whether it be vaccines, peace agreements, trains, transportation or security."

He also addressed the demonstrations and riots which were held prior to his arrival in Nazareth. "The demonstrations of the Joint List are a sign of despair. They have reason to despair. They too see the growing support for me and the Likud among Arab society. It excites me very much. I am excited to see the huge change that is taking place in Arab society towards me."

"If Jews and Arabs can dance together on the streets of Dubai, they can also dance together in the State of Israel. A new era begins today - an era of prosperity, integration and security," Netanyahu concluded.