Ahuvya Sandak
Ahuvya Sandakpicture used with permission of family

Attorneys for the family of Ahuvya Sandak, killed in a police chase by Samaria Regional Police detectives, held a press conference on Tuesday night to announce their intentions to request the appointment of a judge to investigate the incident.

"Every possible error and obstruction has been committed in this case," said attorney Ariel Atari. "We have decided to file a request tomorrow for the appointment of a judge to investigate Ahuvya's death," Atari added. "We hope that this investigation will find the culprits and bring them to justice."

Attorney Benny Katz added, "We have successfully proven that this is the stage where it is easiest to appoint an investigative body. Matters have come to light that require further inquiry. There are experts in testimony and police advocacy who are doubtless becoming involved in the case."

Attorney Nati Rom noted, "Police prevented the victims from speaking to counsel while they were still in the trauma ward. The boys claimed they had been rear-ended while they were still in the trauma ward."

Menashe Yado of the Honenu advocacy group has accused the police officers involved in the incident of perjury, saying that "The Israel National Police omitted from their testimony that the police vehicle rear-ended that of the deceased. We do not want to be another Abu al-Kian, we want an honest investigation."