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Officials have confirmed that a live-in nanny in Flatbush has been arrested after shaking her three-month-old charge hard enough to cause bleeding in the skull.

The New York Post reported that the parents only noticed something amiss on Dec. 29, when their son began vomiting up his formula and took him to a doctor on suspicion of a stomach virus. When his condition had not approved by Jan. 1, the baby was referred to hospital care.

The parents had hired a live-in nanny name Alexis Schultz to care for the child. Schultz admitted to officials that she had shaken the baby, having felt hungry and overwhelmed after caring for the baby and his sister. She has been charged with assault and endangering a child's welfare.

Yeshiva World News reports that the child was examined at Maimonedes Hospital, including by way of CAT scan. The scans and checkup revealed retinal hemorrhaging in both eyes and not one, but two 'brain bleeds'; one of them is far older than the other, indicating that this is not the first time the child was treated in such a manner.

The case has been moved to the NYPD Brooklyn South Community Affairs Unit, who are working with the family to ensure the incident is properly managed.