Michal Diamant
Michal Diamant Elad Malka

The granddaughter of the late Prime Minister Yitzchak Shamir, Adv. Michal Diamant, has joined Gideon Sa'ar's New Hope Party.

New Hope Chairman Gideon Sa'ar said: "Michal Diamant is a woman with a clear worldview, who deeply understands the importance of the unity of the people, as a value and foundation of our national strength. She is joining Tikva Hadasha, the New Hope team, for the 24th Knesset, and will link up with the team preparing New Hope’s judicial system reforms, and focus on promoting the issue of civil rights in the legal process.”

Diamant has more than a decade of experience in leading law firms, and has specialized in managing complex cases, mainly in the economic field. She has a bachelor's degree in law and management and a master's degree in law, both from Tel Aviv University.

Diamant serves as a member of the board of the Association for the Commemoration of the Heritage of Israeli Freedom Fighters (Lehi).

Michal Diamant commented: "I am privileged to have been the granddaughter of Israel’s seventh Prime Minister, Yitzhak Shamir, to grow up alongside him, absorb his legacy, and be educated in the values he instilled in me, and the whole family.”

She continued, “From all of this, it is also part of my worldview, that the role of the Prime Minister of the State of Israel should be driven by principles and ideology and not just political considerations. When my grandfather was asked who he thought should serve as prime minister after Netanyahu, he replied that it is important that it would one who maintained their integrity even after they win the coveted position of prime minister of the Jewish state.

“I wholeheartedly believe that Gideon Sa'ar has all of these: integrity, fairness, values, and true ideology. I believe he has the skills, strength, and ability to lead the State of Israel at this time.

“Therefore, I have made the decision, not easily but in complete faith, to leave the Likud party and join the New Hope party.”

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