Arutz Sheva asked Coalition Chairman Knesset Member Miki Zohar why the nation is headed to elections. Zohar said: "Unfortunately we're going to dissolve tonight because Blue and White decided that they don't want to stay with us in the same government.

"We tried to do our best to prevent this election, but unfortunately, we didn't succeed. We are going to do this, unfortunately, because they decided that this is what is going to happen, and I hope that the people will see their deeds, and vote for us."

Asked what will be gained from another election, in light of polls that predict similar deadlock to previous contests, Zohar was resolute: "Trust me, don't believe the polls," he insisted, but then retreated:. "The polls are okay, right now, for the Likud, we're around 30 mandates, but I'm sure that when we'll be in the election we'll be in a much better situation, and that we're going to bring the same result that we had in the last election, and ensure that we're going to be the ones that form the next government, because [ultimately] if people want the Right kind of government, they have to vote for the Likud, because we are the only ones that can for the Right government that we need for this country, and ensure that the people recognize that."

And Sa'ar? And Bennett? "If you vote for them, you won't get the Right kind of government, because the Likud and the orthodox parties are going together, and I'm hoping that we'll be around 46, 48, maybe even 50 mandates together, and then we'll need 13 or 12 mandates more to form a government, and I'm sure that [ultimately], if we'll be strong enough, we will have the other sides coming to us to form the Right government that this country needs."

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