Tipaltiצילום: Nasdaq

Forget about the deadly Chinese virus that has taken the lives of over 300 thousand Americans. Our nation is currently being devastated by deadly mental-disorder diseases that will not be overcome by scientists and traditional lab concoctions. They are the infectious sicknesses of Diversity, Wokeness and Quotas, all wrapped up in the catch-all phrase of Social Justice. We are, many of us against our will, being forced into this war to destroy the fake, fabricated thing known as Systemic Racism.

And the stakes are growing.

Recently, NASDAQ, the second largest exchange in the world, marshalled its forces behind the movement and asked the Securities and Exchange Commission for permission to impose a quota system on the boards of its listed companies. This new regulation would mandate that their listed 3,249 companies, to be exact, have a minimum of one woman director and one who is considered a diverse minority or LGBTQM on their boards.

And they go further to spell out exactly what the rules are. "Diverse" would mean a director who self identifies as female, an under-represented minority as black, Hispanic or Latinx (whatever that is), Asian, Native American, Alaska Native, blah, blah, blah.

They specifically left out Jews, a true minority who number less than 3% of the population. No special dispensation for veterans. And nothing about the mentally handicapped, those with lisps, limps, bladder disorders, midgets, or school drop-outs.

If this new policy is endorsed by the Securities and Exchange Commission, it will destroy our business community from top to bottom. From Wall Street, Madison Avenue, down to Avenue U and Bay Parkway. Every incompetent Tom, Dick and self proclaimed Mary, refused a job position somewhere, will flock to the burgeoning legal minority focused teams such as the ACLU, NAACP to charge "discrimination." All hell will break out and businesses will be destroyed through being forced to hire based on the fear of litigation.

Sadly, like much of corporate American today, the Nasdaq is dictating the virtues of an invisible but powerful minority. Their job in the financial market is to raise money through capitalism free from governmental and other made up forces that impose identity politics on American businesses. Their meddling in corporate management will harm this nation's growth and job creation.

This latest Nasdaq move signals the downward spiral of our nation as it grovels at the feet of incompetents, losers and misfits.
Our companies, in order to remain sound, in order to produce marketable products, to satisfy consumers, in order to create jobs from top to bottom, must remain free to choose its leaders based on their skills and talents, not their physical appearances or ancestry. Nasdaq has no role, nor right to dictate the decisions for the hiring of personnel. It is contrary to good corporate management to put Wokeness, Social Justice and politics ahead of the purposes of the exchange, which is to make money, create jobs and keep America strong.

This latest Nasdaq move signals the downward spiral of our nation as it grovels at the feet of incompetents, losers and misfits. They will rule and ruin our nation... if we don't develop a backbone.....soon.