Avi Dichter
Avi DichterFlash 90

Human rights organizations in Gaza have sent a letter to the Arab League and the Arab foreign ministers warning of the Israeli government's intention to appoint Likud MK Avi Dichter as Israel's ambassador to the United Arab Emirates.

In the letter, Dichter is described as a "war criminal" due to his previous positions as head of the Shin Bet and the Minister of Internal Security, and is accused of responsibility for "crimes and assassination operations" against Palestinian Arabs.

The letter follows reports this week that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is interested in appointing MK Dichter as ambassador to the UAE, while Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi supports an appointment from within the Foreign Ministry.

The Gazan organizations called on the Arab League to take a moral, humane and aggressive Arab stance in order to bring an end to normalization with Israel, which is hurting the Palestinian issue, and to oppose the appointment of "war criminal" Avi Dichter as ambassador to the United Arab Emirates.