Alan Dershowitz
Alan Dershowitz Reuters

Speaking on Newsmax TV on Tuesday, Alan Dershowitz said that the attempt being made by the state of Texas to sue other states regarding their results from the 2020 presidential election was a “creative approach … that almost certainly won’t succeed” in obtaining its objective – that is to say, to have Trump declared the victor.

Dershowitz explained that although the American Constitution does permit states to sue each other, this “rarely happens and it almost never succeeds, but it’s a very creative approach.”

The state of Texas is basing its approach on the argument that Texans have been deprived of their rights. Dershowitz said that it was “a stretch” to make such a claim and noted that “it’s never been tried before … A+ for creativity.”

All the same, he suggested that “it probably will be taken seriously by the Supreme Court,” although “whether or not it will work in the end is very doubtful.”

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