Azrieli Mall in Tel Aviv
Azrieli Mall in Tel Aviv iStock

The Coronavirus Cabinet on Tuesday evening approved the opening of all malls that will meet the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

The move towards expanded operations of shopping malls will allow, first and foremost, the return of tens of thousands of workers who have been absent from work for many months.

At the same time, the opening will enable to provide a response to the general public who will be able to complete purchases they have needed in recent months, profit from the crowds that have so far focused on street shops and open areas, get the economy back on track and bring it back to growth.

Minister of Economy and Industry Amir Peretz said, "The opening of all the malls is a significant and important step that the Ministry of Economy and Industry is leading in order to return the economy to full activity. The opening of the malls, along with the open markets, returns about 200,000 workers back to the labor force. It must be remembered, however, that the success of the move requires mall owners, business owners and consumers to adhere to the guidelines."

Until now, only 15 malls across Israel were permitted to open, as part of a pilot program testing the feasibility of reopening all of Israel’s shopping centers.

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