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For four years, Jews in the Democratic party refused to discuss policy advancements of the Trump administration. They called President Trump anti-Semitic and racist without any basis. Leftists pointed out part of a statement made about good and bad people when referring to President Trump without any thought about what the statement means.

There are good and bad people. Are all Jews like Bernie Madoff? No. Are those accusers always as pure and benevolent as Mother Teresa or Mahatma Gandhi? No.

These Democratic Jews helped the Obama-Biden administration hinder relations with Israel, interfere with a National Election in a foreign country, support radical Islamic terrorists, hurt American Jews with a sluggish economy and employment opportunities and promote bias and prejudice in a failing public school system that tries to claim that the Holocaust never took place and that there is a state called Palestine in the Middle East.

For years, we have heard the words and watched the actions of elected Jewish Democratic officials like Schumer, Schiff, Nadler and company. That's nothing new. But the Democrats who voted overwhelmingly for the Biden-Harris ticket, this is what you voted for:

-A return to the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Thank you Jewish Democratic Voters.

-While Biden/Harris push for "2 states," Palestinians are calling for eliminating Israel.

Thank you Jewish Democratic Voters.

-The Biden/Harris Administration plans to renew relations with the Palestinian Authority.

Thank you Jewish Democratic Voters.

-According to the Palestinian Authority, Joe Biden has given them permission to participate in the BDS movement.

Thank you Jewish Democratic Voters.

-Among the return of many familiar faces from the Obama Administration there are Janet Yellin and Antony Blinken. Janet Yellin and Antony Blinken might be Jewish, but what have they done for any Jew lately? And John Kerry—really. A man who made his money by first marrying it and then befriending the enemies of our country heading up climate change?

For that, too, thank you Jewish Democratic Voters.

More power handed is back to Randi Weingarten and other union leaders of a failing public school system that choices to teach lies about YOUR PEOPLE, help minority students fail and remain left behind, especially in New York, Baltimore, Chicago and every other Democratic run area, where they continue to waste YOUR tax dollars.

Those teachers that voted for Biden— kiss those benefits of extra dollars goodbye from your tax deferred and retirement accounts tied to Wall Street. You voted to end Wall Street stock success and a redistribution of your money.

Now we have Obama 3.0. We knew Joe Biden was a plagiarist. Decades ago, he was caught cheating, using other people’s speeches and copying them. Now, he is an official administrator of an Obama administration cabinet.

Let’s remember that those in the Obama administration killed the American economy, weakened our position of international leadership and started the #attackthepolice movement after Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin and Alton Sterling.

There are no more moderate Democrats.

Let’s look at the Georgia Senate race.

I remember Presidential Candidate, Andrew Yang’s slogan of “Not Left, Not Right.” Now he is the leader of the progressive team falling off that slide in the playground of innocent children in the park. Only this time it’s not innocent— it’s fraud. In the attempt the do anything to win both Georgia Senate seats in the January special election, Yang is leading the public fraud of actually telling people to relocate their residence just to vote. Talk about fraud.

Stacey Abrams is a failed candidate for Governor in 2018, with hate because even Oprah Winfrey could not get her to a finish line. She is the typical Democrat who talks about supporting Israel but as a Georgia House of Representatives she voted against Georgia's anti-BDS legislation that punishes companies that choose to boycott Israel.

She is spearheading the campaign of two anti-Semites.

Jon Ossoff is Jewish. He was mentored by many anti-Semites that include Congressman Hank Johnson who called the Jews of Judea and Samaria “termites.” Johnson also compared President Trump to Adolf Hitler in 2019. As a Jew who has been invited and welcomed to The White House and ate delicious kosher food there, I can personally attest that this is a hurtful lie, especially since family members of mine were murdered in the gas chambers and shot to death naked in ditches by the orders of Adolf Hitler.

On every issue, Osdoff stands with Bernie Sanders, AOC and “The Squad.” Ossoff reminds me of Edith Stein. Stein was born in Poland in 1891, an observant Jew. She did everything she could to disavow her religion, converted to Catholicism and became a Discalced Carmelite nun. She is canonized as a martyr and saint of the Catholic Church, and she is one of six co-patron saints of Europe. But, Hitler saw her as a Jew. She died in 1942 in Auschwitz, gassed with the thousands she tried to avoid in life.

Young readers take note-and older readers share. While Weingarten pushes for lessons in self-esteem, she wants to forget the lesson of Edith Stein—once a Jew, always a Jew, don’t run from it and embrace it.

Then there is that openly anti-Semitic candidate, Reverend Warnock.,

According to reports, a summary of past actions include:

  • Warnock defended anti-Semite and anti-American pastor Jeremiah Wright and praised Marxism.
  • Warnock’s mentor called for the “destruction of everything white” and argued white Christians are “satanic.”
  • Warnock signed a letter comparing Israel to apartheid South Africa. Warnock signed the letter after a trip to Israel and Palestinian territory with fellow clergy members.

The letter suggests that while visiting Israel, he witnessed: “The ever-present physical walls that wall in Palestinians in a political wall reminiscent of the Berlin Wall,” along with “The heavy militarization of the West Bank, reminiscent of the military occupation of Namibia by apartheid South Africa.” Oh, really. Has he ever met a terrorist with a sucide belt?

  • Warnick claimed that “Americans Must ‘Repent’ for Backing Trump and ‘Worship of Whiteness.’
  • Warnock called police officers “gangsters and thugs” and “bullies.”
  • Warnock's church invited and praised Fidel Castro in 1995.

Knowing his previous work is so public, Reverend Raphael Warnock is trying to distance himself from past criticism of Israel in this campaign.

A vote for Warnock and Ossoff is a vote for Bernie Sanders and AOC. A vote for them is a vote for Jewish self-hating groups like JStreet and Bend The Arc and the anti-Semitic groups Code Pink and Move On.

Jewish Democratic Voters. You wanted a man who you now complain about because he wants a long lockdown and you really don’t want those masks. Many of you don’t want to take vaccines. Many idolize hypocrites like Andrew Cuomo, Gavin Newsom, Phil Murphy, Nancy Pelosi and the other elected officials who don’t want you to eat out, walk without masks in public or get haircuts - but don’t bother to lead by example.

We can stop this. Jewish Vote GOP is a grassroots group helping the efforts to re-elect Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue. Homebound, join our phone banks and letter writing campaigns. Join our volunteer group on the ground in Georgia and our direct fundraising efforts going directly to the candidates with no middleman taking any percentages.

Contact [email protected]om today. Thank You Jewish Democratic Voters for what you have done up to now in helping the left destroy the American Dream and malign your biblical homeland, given to you by the greatest Power.

It's never too late to change. We are waiting for you.

And, remember Edith Stein. You can run, but you can’t hide.