Anti-lockdown protest
Anti-lockdown protestFlash 90

Internal medicine and gastroenterology specialist and Hesder Yeshiva in Shaalvim graduate Dr. Shmuel Rochberger today addressed a letter to government ministers, advisors, and Knesset Members, accusing them of "unbelievable opacity" in what he calls their refusal to consider policy alternatives.

Dr. Rochberger wrote:

"This morning on my way to the clinic, in my city of Netanya, a young man, about 30 years old, secular, who seemed completely normative, approached me and asked to sell me Hanukkah candles - but in fact was asking for charity.

"In moments like these, you feel the magnitude of the humiliation and human degradation you have brought upon us - you - the ministers and members of the Knesset, the advisors, and everyone else involved in the COVID-19 affair.

"You deprived millions of people in Israel of their self-worth - their ability to support themselves and their families, and brought them down to their last crust of bread.

"You did all this by coercion and governmental predation, which deprived them of their self-esteem and freedom as human beings.

"You continue with unbelievable opacity - refusing to listen to the other alternative of the 'Common Sense Model', which could prevent all of this and even save many lives. You refuse to meet. You refuse to listen. You refuse to turn every stone in an attempt to realize this path, which is backed by hundreds of doctors and scientists in Israel, and tens of thousands worldwide.

"This will rest on your conscience forever.

"//sig// Dr. Shmuel Rochberger"