Slovenia today declared the Hezbollah Islamic organization to be a "terror organization".

The Slovenian government stated in its decision that Hezbollah is a "terror organization" with the characteristics of an organized crime organization, posing a risk to peace and security and conducting global operations.

In this decision, the Slovenian government joins Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland, which have recently made similar decisions regarding Hezbollah. The Slovenian government's decision came a few weeks after the Estonian government banned entry to Hezbollah operatives, and after the Guatemalan government declared Hezbollah a "terror organization".

The Foreign Ministry is leading an inter-agency effort to increase international pressure on Hezbollah, and in the past year-and-a-half, 16 countries have joined the list of states that see Hezbollah as a "terror organization", with nine of them in the last six months.

Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi responded: "The Slovenian government's decision against Hezbollah is another step in the Foreign Ministry's effort to expand international pressure on Hezbollah. I call on the European Union and other countries to recognize Hezbollah in all its arms as a terrorist organization."

Slovenia in red
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