Golan Hezki Baruch

The Yishuv HaDaat farm, located in the heart of the Shilo bloc, is located on state land, and in the past a procedure was started to regulate it, but in practice the procedure was not advanced and populating the farm as a community was not carried out.

Following this, Likud MK May Golan last night addressed a query to Defense Minister Benny Gantz, noting that "about 30 families live on state land in Yishuv HaDaat in Gush Shilo. The process of settlement began about a decade ago, and a land survey found that the entire village does indeed sit on state land."

However, she said, "The procedure has not progressed, and as a result the families are suffering from poor conditions. For example, there is a significant electricity shortage in the community, which prevents the houses from heating in winter. It is not possible to pave an access road, so the children of the community are forced to walk more than a kilometer in the rain to the bus stop, and it is impossible to receive government services at all."

In light of this, Golan stated: "I would like to ask:

1. What is the planned process for regulating Yishuv Hadaat? What are its different stages?
2. Why has the process not progressed in years?
3. How long is the process expected to take?
4. Will the community be arranged as a neighborhood of an existing one? If so - which? If not - why?
5. How will the residents receive government services and reasonable living conditions even before the settlement process is completed?"

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