Zeev Elkin
Zeev ElkinHezki Baruch

Minister Zeev Elkin (Likud) accused Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn of working to undermine the coalition agreement between Likud and Blue and White.

"Someday there will be elections, the question is when. It very much depends on Blue and White and how they behave. There is no doubt that Nissenkorn compared me to the government and is working against Blue and White's agreements with the Likud. The agreement with Blue and White is an agreement on thin ice because they do not abide by the agreement," Elkin said in an interview with Kol Berama radio.

In his remarks, he claimed that Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett has no influence on whether new elections will be held. "I do not think Bennett has a contribution to make whether we go to the polls or not. I do not think there will be a right-wing bloc after the election. Bennett is making clear that he would like to be the first prime minister in rotation with Lapid," he said.

On the budget issue, Elkin said that "the party that wanted a biennial budget was the Likud party. We are allowed to change our minds because of the crisis."

The Yamina party said in response to Elkin's comments: "At a time when there are a million unemployed in Israel, we are sorry that the Likud and its cohort of tweeters are engaged in the same politics that brought us to this disaster. Naftali Bennett will continue to fight for the livelihood of the citizens of Israel."