Ronen Bergman
Ronen Bergman Knesset Channel

Journalist Ronen Bergman, who was among the journalists who exposed the elimination of senior Al-Qaeda terrorist Abu Mohammed al-Masri by Mossad agents in the heart of Tehran, spoke on Monday on the Knesset Channel and added details about the elimination of Al-Qaeda’s no. 2.

Bergman said that the very presence of Al-Qaeda members on Iranian soil should embarrass the Iranians because they defined the organization as “Satan” and fought against it. He noted, however, that Al-Masri and his daughter had been in Iran for a long time, and that his daughter even married Osama bin Laden's son in Iran.

It is possible, he added, that the Iranians let him stay in the country order to cooperate with him against common enemies such as the United States and Israel, and may also have preferred that he act in their territory so that they could monitor his activities.

Bergman noted that the elimination testifies to the very high capabilities of the Mossad in Tehran, such as gathering intelligence and revealing the true identity of Al-Mari, and the ability to eliminate him in the heart of the city without being caught. Bergman added that the fact that the Mossad carried out the elimination at the request of the United States is indicative of the close relations between the countries’ intelligence agencies.

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