Evo Morales
Evo Morales Reuters

Bolivia's ex-President Evo Morales has returned one year after he fled into exile, the BBC reported.

Morales resigned and fled Bolivia in November 2019 amidst widespread protests against his rule over reported vote rigging in the presidential election. The interim government has accused him of sedition, terrorism and statutory rape.

He had stated that he would return to Bolivia if his socialist Mas party won the next presidential election, which was held on October 18.

Morales was greeted by hundreds of supporters as he crossed the border from Argentina.

Mas candidate Luis Arce surprised observers by handedly winning the first round of the October presidential election. Arce has distanced himself from the controversial Morales, who continues to have a large base of supporters within the party.

Morales led Bolivia for 14 years before his exile.