New immigrants from North America arrive in Israel
New immigrants from North America arrive in Israel Flash90

No matter who wins the American elections, I have a suggestion for the State of Israel – forget about the Jews of America.

Election surveys reveal that 72-75 percent of the Jews in America are voting for Biden, turning their backs on the Jewish State, which clearly favored the re-election of President Donald Trump. In effect, they voted against Israel, against Judaism, and against G-d.

Who needs them?

In contrast, the 25% who, it is predicted, voted for Trump, by and large support the State of Israel and cherish the values of Judaism. They are true friends of Israel.

True, when it comes to making Aliyah, they balk, for whatever reason. If they choose to join us, great, they are more than welcome. If not, they will perish with the Jews for Biden.

So why should Israel continue to waste a fortune of money on programs of Diaspora education and aliyah? With the expensive programs or without them, roughly the same number of idealistic Jews would make Aliyah each year.

Therefore, the time has come to face the truth and shut down the Jewish Agency and the WZO, and to redirect their budgets into helping the poor in Israel, building affordable housing for young people, and creating more jobs.

Let’s make Israel great again. If Jews in the United States change their minds and decide to set Jerusalem above their highest joy, instead of America, then “baruch haba,’ welcome, we’ll be waiting at the airport with flowers and balloons. In the meantime, let’s forget about them.

Maybe that’s the shock that will jolt, at least the faithful 25%, into making Aliyah.