Ronni Gamzu
Ronni Gamzu David Cohen/FLASH90

Coronavirus Czar Prof. Ronni Gamzu announced Wednesday afternoon his decision to shorten the coronavirus isolation period from 14 to 10 days, subject to two negative coronavirus tests.

"We have decided to shorten isolations to 10 days subject to two negative tests, the decision makers will make a final decision on the matter," Gamzu said at the briefing.

"There is a green light for the cabinet to continue with the following facilitations, but the event should be conducted by identifying trends and examining different populations. The situation requires that a program be implemented for all Arab localities.

The Coronavirus Czar said that the number of tests conducted daily was insufficient and addressed the Arab community: "That's it, go get tested. Let's protect ourselves. Cooperate with us."

He stated that the current statistics of "800 verified infections per day do not represent the true morbidity data. The true numbers stand at a few thousand - there is a latent morbidity."

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, today, at Ariel University in Samaria, signed an extension of the Israel-US scientific cooperation agreement which will now apply to Judea and Samaria, and the Golan Heights, as well.

During his remarks, Netanyahu addressed efforts to combat the coronavirus.

"I am working day and night to procure vaccines for the citizens of the State of Israel. There is global competition to see who will acquire vaccines first. We are working on three horizons: First, independent production via the Israel Institute for Biological Research. Second, we are working through the Health Ministry with the leading global companies. Third, I am personally active with prominent leaders of countries around the world, beginning with US Vice President Pence, who is responsible for dealing with the coronavirus in the US, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and with European leaders with whom I speak on almost a daily basis. I will continue to act in order to ensure that our citizens will have enough vaccines, and at the right time. This is our greatest mission in the fight against the coronavirus because it is what will take us out of the coronavirus routine and – of course – from the tough restrictions that we have been experiencing of late," Netanyahu said.

"Tomorrow in the Coronavirus Cabinet we will discuss the comprehensive outline and I will also discuss with the Education Minister and people from the Federation of Local Authorities on improving the education outline. We are checking various possibilities.

"The coronavirus is raising its head around the world; therefore, I demand that our exit plan be gradual and responsible. We are making peace for peace, are strengthening Israel and are making the right decisions that have lowered our level of morbidity, at a time when the countries of Europe are experiencing very high morbidity amidst a second deadly wave of the coronavirus. We will continue to act responsibly. We will continue to make the right decisions in order to save the lives of Israeli citizens and in order to safeguard their health."

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