Uman Uman Rosh Hashana
Uman Uman Rosh Hashana Flash 90

This week we read about Noah and how he, and his family, and the animals, were saved as the world was destroyed, and later, renewed. Many, observing, and experiencing, the jarring social economic, and political changes ,if not upheavals, engendered by the Corona virus and other accompanying monumental phenomena, would not reject predictions that the world is heading towards some kind of similar, future fate.

One who patently stated that the world would be undergoing a breakdown and readjustment, comparable to the time of Noah, was Rabbi Yisrael Ber Odesser, "Saba", the Breslov Chasid who received the mysterious note from Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman from Uman. Indeed, he even made a spirited supplication to enter Noah's ark, the teachings of Rabbi Nachman, themselves, and thus be spared from the future ravages of the "flood"!

In a rare English translated recording of Rabbi Yisrael, (translated by the author),Saba, elucidated this threat and its deliverance. This can be heard, here:.

Saba is, at once, concise, coherent, informative, and emotionally spirited, in this emphatic appeal. As the translation ends, Saba portrays a beseeching Rabbi Nachman." Come, come to me."

While Rabbi Yisrael is well known in the Land of Israel, and his words are readily available to the Hebrew speaking public, this is hardly the case for perhaps the majority of the Jewish People living outside of Israel and denied access to Rabbi Yisrael's message, due to both their absence of social interaction with Israelis and their inability to understand Rabbi Yisrael in the original Hebrew. In fact, this English translation, provided here, is perhaps the only one of two, in which Rabbi Yisrael's words of Rabbi Nachman, can be heard or seen with him on the internet.

It is not inaccurate at all, to say, that what Rabbi Yisrael says here, in this recording, is "what they don't want you to hear". Clearly, the great persecution and suppression, that Rabbi Israel speaks about in the recording ,in regard to his struggles to be enlightened by the light of Rabbi Nachman, emanate from those same vested interests, whom until now, have prevented the wider Jewish public from being made aware of Rabbi Nachman's most important, crucial and fate changing teachings. From within these insights and instruction, comes this urgent warning, from Rabbi Yisrael, to save the English speaking public, amongst all the others, from the quickly impending flood.

Rabbi Yisrael talks about the present world, so influenced by falsehood and deceit as is doomed to be inundated by "flood of apostasy". At the end of Rabbi Nachman's famous short story, "The tale of Precipitation", we are informed what is in store for humanity , in the period before the coming of the Mashiach, which the corona virus, rather indicates, is about now! "There will be a flood, not of water, but of corrupt thought, shot through with apostasy. All the high mountains will be covered even in the Land of Israel, where the original flood did not reach. These waters will splash onto the hearts of upright people striving to follow the Torah, and all the conventional wisdoms will fail to provide immunity.

Echoing the Netanyahu-Gantz imbroglio, "The government will not be able to maintain its stability." Only simple Jews whom recite the Psalms, with simplicity, they will be able to maintain themselves. When the Mashiach comes, it will be they that place the crown on his head." Rabbi Yisrael, clearly cognizant of this story and other teachings from Rabbi Nachman, about the messianic era, is thus, in the recording, making his heart felt entreaty to the world to follow Rabbi Nachman's instruction, and thus merit survival.

In the Book of Isaiah, chapter 11, verse 8, it appears as follows. "The wisdom of G-d will fill the land, as water does fill the sea". At the end of times, this prophecy will be realized. The whole world will accept the wisdom of the Torah. Rabbi Nachman, as the recipient of the Torah, for this time, understood that. He knew to where the corona virus and all the trials tribulations of our time, indeed of all time will lead.

Rabbi Nachman, Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman from Uman, Rabbi Yisrael Ber Odesser, Saba, continue, during these difficult, perhaps, waning day of history, to warn us to embark onto Noah's Ark, before the world is covered by the foul waters of lie and apostasy. Noah's Ark is Rabbi Nachman, says Saba.

Listen and comply with the words of Rabbi Yisrael which can be accessed here and now, from this article. Then indeed, one will one not only survive the gathering storm, of which Covid-19 is a most palatable indicator, but merit to experience the renewal the world, filled with the wisdom of Rabbi Nachman, the wisdom of the Torah.

Barouch Levy is an American immigrant who lives in the Shomron (Samaria) and grows the fruits of the Holy Land..