GantzFlash 90

Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz in today's faction meeting addressed haredi COVID-19 guideline violations.

"We'll have to examine how to behave with people who deliberately violate State decisions," Gantz said, following the opening of educational institutions in the haredi sector.

He said, "The haredi population, Torah study and the community’s institutions are important and I would never be dismissive toward them. But the law must apply to everyone equally. We cannot accept a state of anarchy."

On Blue and White's insistence on passing a 2021 budget, he said: “I'm not prepared to be held hostage in anyone’s political situation. My priorities are the priorities of the country, not my own. It should be the same way on the other end…Every one of the dozens of economic experts I’ve consulted with talks about the need for a 2021 budget. There isn’t one economic expert talking about a one-week budget for 2020…We are prepared to cooperate in the context of a functioning government where a budget is taking shape. If we don’t see that happening, we’ll choose other alternatives, whether dissolving the Knesset or taking other measures. Things certainly cannot continue as they are.”

גנץ: לא יכול להיות שיש חוק אחד לאחד וחוק אחר לאחרערוץ כנסת