Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Williamsburg, BrooklyniStock

New York state officials issued a halt order on a planned wedding in Brooklyn that they allege would have brought together "upwards of 10,000 individuals," Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Saturday quoted by ABC News.

Rockland County Sheriff's Office informed state authorities of the wedding planned for Monday in Williamsburg, that would have taken place outside the state's cluster zones.

"We received a suggestion that that was happening. We did an investigation and found that it was likely true. There was a large wedding planned that would violate the gathering rules," Cuomo said.

ABC reports Cuomo said New York City is "aware" of the planned wedding and said "he's sure that they're going to have people monitoring it."

"Look you can get married, you just can't have 1,000 people at your wedding. You get the same result at the end of the day. It's also cheaper," Cuomo quipped.