Prime Minister Netanyahu on Thursday spoke before the Knesset at a special hearing at which the UAE-Israel peace deal signed at the White House a month ago is to be approved.

"They say you make peace with enemies. This isn't accurate - you make peace with those who have ceased to be your enemies."

Netanyahu added that the deal breaks the de-facto Palestinian veto on Israeli relations with the Arab world.

He called on the Lebanese government to continue with and conclude talks with Israel regarding mutual maritime borders.

"It might be a first sign for peace that could maybe happen in the future," he added, but declared, "There will be no peace with Lebanon as long as Hezbollah is in control of it."

Prime Minister Netanyahu predicted that there will be more normalization deals with other Arab countries.

Netanyahu added that, "The day will yet come when the Palestinians recognize the Jewish right to a homeland in the state of Israel."

He stressed that, "There are no hidden clauses in our peace agreement with the UAE."