Fuse box (illustrative)
Fuse box (illustrative) iStock

An unknown person broke into the fuse box of the building housing the Haaretz newspaper and its associate paper The Marker, causing disruptions to their websites that were only resolved after several hours.

Haaretz reporter Bar Peleg wrote on Twitter that, “I’ve been working at Haaretz’s offices for several years, and we were always scared that something like this would happen – and now it has happened. Someone arrived at the building, broke into the fuse box, and then waited outside the entrance.

“When he saw Haaretz reporter Gidi Weitz leaving, he shouted at him, ‘What do you want from Bibi [Netanyahu]? Where’s your car? Do you have a car here?’ They attack journalists here every week, and every week they cross red lines.

“In recent weeks,” she continued, “reporters from both the right wing and left wing have been targeted. But it won’t silence us. We hope that the police will find the perpetrator and bring him to justice so that people will see and be warned.”

Indeed, police have already arrested a suspect and he has been taken for questioning.

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