Checkpoint Flash 90

The National Security Council head, Health Ministry Director, coronavirus coordinator, and other consultants believe at this stage it is impossible to ease the closure because morbidity is still high and because the effects of Sukkot and Simchat Torah events cannot yet be assessed.

Coronavirus coordinator Prof. Ronni Gamzu expressed concern that despite the conditions of the closure, 3,000 people test positive per day.

Therefore, in a consultation that took place between the Prime Minister, Defense Minister, Health Minister, and Science Minister, it was decided to convene today the coronavirus cabinet to discuss the morbidity data, and an exit plan organized according to stages and criteria.

According to the data and morbidity trends, on Thursday the cabinet will discuss whether to make a preliminary move next week in which small businesses that do not receive the public, takeaway, and early childhood settings will open.

Prior to the cabinet meeting, the Education Ministry published data indicating that in the vast majority of educational institutions, low morbidity was found, while in most of them no morbidity was found at all. In 94% of the kindergartens - 18,698 in number - zero patients were found, as well as in 53% of the elementary schools - 1,572 in number. Nearly 45% of the upper elementary schools - 968 in number - found zero patients.

Earlier, Gamzu made clear that if the cabinet meeting was postponed because Netanyahu had asked, the closure would be extended by several days. "Restriction regulations expire on Wednesday," Gamzu explained in a conversation with reporters. "Since everything is very fresh, I assume I will have a conversation in the next few hours with the Health Minister and Prime Minister and decisions will be made. I need to hear them, I have not yet been updated on the cabinet postponement. There is conversation with the Prime Minister and it's clear that if the cabinet meeting is postponed to Thursday, then it will be necessary to extend the closure regulations by a few days."

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