Belz Hasidim
Belz Hasidim Flash 90

For the first time in six months, the Belzer Rebbe has spoken out about the coronavirus crisis. In address, the Rebbe urged his followers to behave as usual.

"We are now in a difficult time and we hope that everything will pass soon and we will return to the good times. Everything we want to do comes with difficulty, there are aspects here and aspects here, every rabbi intervenes and gives opinions and advice, and everyone has the Torah in his pocket," he said.

In his remarks, he criticized the guidelines for closing synagogues and yeshivas. "There are rabbis who want to please the authorities and the authorities want to please them. It is not a business like that. They should behave as we have always done and G-d will help us not to come to any harm."

The Rebbe issued the remarks at the end of the Simchat Torah holiday.

The Rebbe praised the yeshivot students who continued to devote themselves to Torah study even when yeshivas are not in session. "Every year I tell you what is not allowed to do. This year I have good news for you, in which I tell you what is good to do. Thank G-d, the students sat and studied Torah during the month of Tishrei, specifically during a month where there is no yeshiva, and this was literally the sanctification of G-d's name. Everyone who saw it was witness to the sanctification of G-d's name that the boys sat and studied with great perseverance, in such times where there was no overseer and no Rosh Yeshiva and no one to watch over them."

“Even the parents abroad enjoyed hearing about this. I received a letter that the parents are very happy to hear that their sons are sitting and studying and not wasting their time. We have to continue this all year long, to study and pray, to pray and study. By doing this, we will reach the most sublime levels."

The Rebbe blessed the students and workers who set times for Torah learning. "And not only the single students but also the married ones, the students of the kollels and students who work for a living and set times for the Torah every day, will go from strength to strength."

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