MK Ram Shefa
MK Ram Shefa Shmulik Grossman, Knesset spokesman

MK Ram Shefa (Blue and White) on Wednesday evening criticized Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s conduct over the budget and his dragging his feet in approving it.

"Netanyahu, it’s probably because you do not have a wallet that you do not understand that the budget is a critical issue that citizens need. Come on, free us from embarrassing tweets and try to remember that once, many years ago, you still cared about the public, at least a little," Shefa wrote on Twitter.

He then mocked Netanyahu when he added a picture of a wallet and wrote: "A reminder for you, this what a wallet looks like."

Coalition chairman MK Miki Zohar responded a few minutes later and said, "After he voted against the coalition's position on the Demonstrations Law, this is how the chairman of the Education Committee, a member of our coalition with Blue and White, chooses to express himself."

"There is a reason that I am constantly repeating that [the coalition] should be dismantled as soon as possible and that we go to the public to decide. This is the kind of moment where I am ashamed to be the chairman of this unnecessary coalition," Zohar added.

Earlier, the Likud attacked Blue and White and said, "Prime Minister Netanyahu has a long and proven track record in economic decisions that have brought Israel to record highs. The Prime Minister has brought forward more successful state budgets than any other world leader. He is unfazed by the shameful attempt by Blue and White attempt to extricate themselves from their collapse in polls."

"It is a disgrace that Blue and White are threatening an election in the midst of the coronavirus crisis because of one fake poll. Three polls in the last 24 hours show that the Likud is maintaining its power. Meanwhile, Blue and White are crashing in all polls," the Likud said.

The Blue and White party responded and said, "Netanyahu's direct attack on Blue and White over the unequivocal demand to approve the state budget for 2021 expresses a deep and very worrying panic about the ability to withstand the pressure of the polls and the failure of his and his associates to set a personal example in maintaining public health."

"Blue and White will continue to insist on a budget approval for 2021. All attempts to sabotage and harm Israeli citizens will lead to a re-examination of a variety of political options that we have so far avoided," the party said.

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