Ronni Gamzu
Ronni Gamzu Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Coronavirus commissar Prof. Ronni Gamzu today said he had advised the government not to decide on such a tight closure.

"I made a recommendation to tighten the closure and not close the whole country, the government made a different decision, I respect it," said Prof. Gamzu.

"In terms of halting the morbidity, it's clear, the more you close, the more it's stopped. The economic price is huge; the government has the authority to make such a decision, it's taken it seriously.

"If they decided on more of a closure, then okay, we'll go with it; it'll help more to stop the disease," Gamzu asserted.

"I won't say the morbidity isn't worrying, it's very, very worrying. It might have been possible to close up less, but it's okay for the government to make such a decision. Apparently the morbidity is quite widespread."

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