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Police deny increase in detected cases of gender violence during state of alarm was the headline of a March 26th article on the Spanish SER website.

The article went on the quote Spain Police Deputy Director of Operations José Ángel González, who appeared at a press conference to deny "false information" about the evolution of reported cases of gender violence during closures. According to the Police Spokesman, reported cases fell in the same way as the rest of the crime rates have fallen since the start of that lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak.

González explained: "In the first ten days of the state of alarm, the data on gender and domestic violence show considerable reduction compared to the same period last year," as has the rest of criminality. "I want you to be calm. We are here. Do not hesitate to call us," he concluded.

González was answering allegations similar to those repeatedly heard in western countries including Israel that tried to claim a massive spike in domestic violence directed at women during COVID-19 lockdown.

This is not the first time that men are automatically cataloged as violent. Prof. Zeev Weinstock of the University of Haifa, one of the world's leading experts on violence between spouses, reported to a Knesset committee a study that determined that the women who are most at risk of being harmed by men are those who themselves engage in physical violence against men.

Despite the data, systemic treatment in cases of violence between spouses refers to women automatically as victims of violence, while men are typically labeled as perpetrators of violence, "even in cases where this is not true at all. Even in cases where it is the opposite. Even in cases where it is mutual."

Whence then the deluge of misinformation portraying men as natural-born criminals?

I distinguish between "Outer Circle Feminists" and "Inner Circle Feminists". The former actually believe the movement to represent the ideals of equality and justice, and number around 85% of those who identify as feminists. These are the group referred to by Soviet planners of western subversion as the "useful idiots".

The Inner Circle Feminists, on the other hand, have no illusions or compunctions about their struggle. They include such operatives as Aurelia Vera, a school teacher who is also a socialist city council member in the Canary Islands town of Puerto del Rosario. From here elected position, Vera advocates castrating 25% of men and boys. "We have to stop men from governing so they give the power to us women."

"And if we cut off the ***** of male babies at birth, not only will they no longer be able to have sons, but they also won't develop the hormones to give them their physical strength."

I have verified the English translation, which was provided by Ava Brighton, with Spanish-speaking linguists to assure accuracy:

Feminist tactics to reach these objectives include:

1) Transfer resources from men to women;

2) Continually increase sexual restraints on men while removing them from women;

3) Hold men accountable while stripping them of authority, while simultaneously giving women authority and never holding them accountable.

Undermining the family unit is a key tactic in meeting the third objective, and the Jewish community has been ravaged in ways it does not yet recognize. Parental alienation, that overwhelmingly affects fathers, is an example of widespread heinous abuse that is recognized by virtually nobody.

Parental alienation activist Levi Leviticus Backman wrote: "I’m a member of the Jewish community, I find that when it comes to parental alienation, there is absolutely no accountability at all. Nothing at all done for children or parents who suffer at the hands of someone orchestrating a heinous abuse.

"The Jewish community has come a long way, from a past of so many things brushed under the rug, from physical child abuse by school teachers in the yeshivas to not allowing women to drive in very ultra-orthodox communities.

"Nowadays the Jewish community will protest when a man deprives his soon to be ex-wife of a get, the official Jewish divorce contract (ORA).

"The Jewish community will properly shame a child molester (JCW).

"What has the Jewish community done about parental alienation?

"I'll tell you what is done… NOTHING! When nothing is done there is lots of the following: Enabling, avoiding, assuming and suggesting there are two sides to every story, allowing for children to be abused, allowing for a narcissist to continue brainwashing narratives to their children and acquaintances, allowing for community members who are suffering to leave the community, those who suffer leave the religion, children who were deprived of a parent grow up lacking in nurture lacking tools that later intense therapy is required so these children can have non-alienating relationships (it's found that alienators have been alienated themselves! – this is a vicious cycle), parents who have had their children stripped away are depressed and suicidal. It's not normal, it's so sad.

"Well I turn to you, my friends, please advise, please suggest. What is to be done? What can those suffering do? What can advocates do? What can be done to those parents who march around holding children as hostages depriving them of a complete life with a father and mother? Do we turn to leadership? Do we turn to Rabbis? Do we turn to politicians?

"What are we going to do during the next Jewish new year?

"Do I have any friends that want to get involved and help? Do I have any friends that are lawyers who can counsel these parents suffering? Do I have any friends that would like to donate funds to hire lawyers who can take on the cases of those suffering parents? Do I have friends that will speak out and take a stand against parental alienation?

"Or do I have friends who will tell me not get involved. Do I have friends who are afraid to comment and afraid scream and shout against injustice, embarrassed to call out abusers?

"My message to those suffering: Please don’t be bashful, you have suffered long enough, 5781 is the year to climb out from under the dust of shame, you can create a life full of richness and meaning and health for your children.

"My message to those abusing and alienating: Your time is almost up, the status quo is changing, sorry to make you uncomfortable, things are moving, society is becoming more aware, and laws will be changing to protect the rights of all humans, your children and their parents included."

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