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With the White House signing of a version of peace accords between Israel and two more Arab nations now, after September 15, 2020, history, let’s step back a bit to examine some relevant background to this welcome story…

Fast forwarding from the days that President Truman had to fight his own Arabist, Big Oil-connected State Department over the very rebirth of Israel in '48; when Secretary of State Dulles and Eisenhower threatened to cut off all private as well as official aid to Israel over its response to incessant terror and blockade in the Sinai Campaign in '56; the officially neutral stance of President Johnson in the brief "Six Day War" in '67; positive response from Nixon but horrendous reviews for his machiavellian Kissinger, in the Yom Kippur War of '73; etc....In fact, there were reports that emerged, despite "the filter," that the ground-breaking flight of President Sadat of Egypt directly to Israel in 1977 and the historic peace treaty which followed in '79 actually took place to a great extent despite Jimmy Carter rather than because of him.

Carter wanted such things as bringing Russia in on the deal, shoving a Palestinian State upon a super vulnerable 9-15 mile wide Israel, and more. The Sunday School teacher-- who, among other things, still likes to preach about G-d-killing, money-loving Jews, and and writes about "Apartheid Israel"--changed his mind only when he saw in '77 that Egypt and Israel were about to leave him behind in history...

Israel, for almost two decades, was a mere sardine can ghetto of a State in the areas where most of its population and infrastructure were located. George W. Bush would comment that Texas had driveways larger than that.
And then there was William Jefferson Clinton...the president who had a murderous PLO head Yasir Arafat to his White House repeatedly, and who pressured Prime Minister Ehud Barak at Camp David in 2000 to forsake the promise of meaningful territorial compromise via the final draft of UNSC Resolution 242.

Note: For those who have forgotten, in the wake of Israel's successes in the 1967 War that it did not cause, UN Resolution 242 ensured that Israel would never have to return to the suicidal Auschwitz/Armistice lines of 1949--which had made Israel, for almost two decades, a mere sardine can ghetto of a State in the areas where most of its population and infrastructure were located. George W. Bush would comment that Texas had driveways larger than that.

During the era of Clinton's so-called "Oslo Peace," the more Israel gave in territory, the more it profusely bled via predictable increased blown buses, restaurants, and other acts of Arab "peace making"--courtesy of the American State Department and its Hebrew arm-twisting boss in the White House.

First Lady and presidential candidate to-be Hillary gave Arafat's wife a big hug right after the latter gave a speech accusing Israel of poisoning Arab children.

Only Arafat's refusal to accept a "peace plan" that gave him almost all of the disputed territories (i.e., forget about Israel getting 242's more defensible, secure, and real borders)--along with a 33 billion dollar virtual slush fund, half of Jerusalem, and more--prevented an agreement Arafat's Swiss bank accounts were/are legendary. His latter day Arafatians-in-suits, led by Fatah and the PLO/PA's Mahmoud Abbas, learned this lesson well: It literally pays to be designated a "moderate." Abbas and sons' personal fortunes are legendary.

While Israel thankfully was saved from Slick Willy's dangerous machinations by the Arabs themselves, the "Progressive" Ehud Barak's caving became the starting point for later American "peace making"--notably that of Barak Hussein Obama.

The very first person Obama called on the international arena after winning the presidency was Mahmoud Abbas. This would prove to be a harbinger of what his eight years in office would bring to an Israel seeking some degree of a viable existence.

Earlier, he had a long history in Chicago attending one of the worst antisemitic pastors’ in America church for decades--Reverend Jeremiah Wright, bosom buddies of the Nation of Islam's Louis Farakhan, who himself later proclaimed Obama to be "the messiah.” Guess why?

Were there no other churches in Chicago that Obama could have frequented?

Obama hounded any Israeli leader who expected UNSC Res. 242’s call for a meaningful compromise in the disputed territories to be carried out, as if he/she was Public Enemy # 1. And he hated/hates Benjamin Netanyahu in particular for this—what the “Settlement Issue” is mostly all about.

Earlier, President Trump’s opponent in 2020, Senator Joseph Biden, pounded the table to try to intimidate the late Prime Minister Menachem Begin over the same issue and John Kerry warned that Israel needed to be saved from itself because of this as well. Both were later peas in the Obama pod and served as major attack dogs

While still a senator, Obama began stating that Israel would be crazy--exact words--to not accept the “Saudi Peace Plan.” He would repeat this when in the White House as well. Among other things, that beloved Obama plan demanded Israel withdraw to its ’49 Auschwitz/armistice lines (not official borders) existence which made it 9-15 miles wide at its waist, and expected it to allow itself to be inundated by jihadi-raised mostly 4th generation Arab "refugees". Recall more Jews fled Arab/Muslim lands than vice-versa over a war Arabs started in 1948 over Israel's rebirth on less than one half of one percent of the region.

How dare those Jews--at least some--not be thankful for such a “deal”!

At least so thought Barack Hussein Obama…the same leader who most American (pathetic) Jews voted for TWICE, pouring numerous mllions into his campaign.

And they’ll do it again when they support Biden in this coming election…Obama, Take 3 (but perhaps even worse).

If President Trump was a Democrat, 99% of all American Jews would canonize him Hebrew style--as they did/do with FDR, and for far less significant reasons, indeed - let alone what we now know about his abandonment of Europe's Jews in WWII.

For starters: Trump moved the American embassy to Jerusalem and recognized the latter for what it is—Israel’s 3,000 year-old historical capital, the City of David.

He recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, where Syrian Arabs pounded Jews below for decades and Israeli children grew up sleeping in shelters. Trump then closed the PLO/PA office in Washington and cut other funding due to its “pay to slay” policies awarding Arabs for such heroism as beheading Jewish infants asleep in their homes. (Would you believe that Israel still does not have a death penalty for such barbarians?)

Trump cut off funds for the Israel-hating UN agency, UNRWA, and some other previous support for the UN as well. He then passed advanced legislation combatting antisemitism on campus, etc., etc., etc.

Finally, for this review, the Trump Team (including a revised State Department with a non-career Arabist at the head) defied the previous alleged wisdom of Foggy Bottom along with its executive enablers like Carter, Clinton, and Obama, by devising a new peace deal which did not expect that Israel offer itself and its innocents up as a sacrifice.

Rather than demanding Israel return to the ’49 Auschwitz Lines, and baring the necks of its kids, the “Deal of the Century”: recognized the age-old connections of Judeans to Judea--Jews to Judea and Samaria…aka “West Bank” only since the early 20th century, and allowed Israel the territorial compromise of UNSC Resolution 242 to provide it with more secure, defensible, and REAL BORDERS--the very things over which Team Obama warned that Israel must be saved from itself

And the latest icing on the Trump cake comes on September 15, 2020 when Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain signed peace treaties in Washington, the first between Arabs and Jews in over four decades when Israel achieved a cold peace with Egypt and another chilly one with Jordan almost three decades ago.

As the Jewish New Year 5781 approaches, May G-d bless the whole world, and do such for these new courageous peace-makers in particular. No doubt they will need extra Heavenly protection afterwards.